Trailers, Trailers, Trailers….A Trailer Hunting I will Go

Okay I am going to admit – I am frustrated. Yes, I am, to the point that I am starting to hate Craigslist for its lack of an ideal, affordable and exact measurement trailer. I also admit that since I have returned to my job in September, my lack of time, exhaustion and the pilferation of my soul  (the act of my creative soul leaving my body every morning) has basically put my project on the back burner –way back on the darn burner. It’s no ones fault really. I have to work. I have to make a living and I have bills to pay. But, my soul continues to scream daily for a different life. What am I to do? I love my soul and I want it to be creative and happy….so I persevere.

Back in the Spring I thought I had found me the ideal trailer on Craigslist whom I love and both hate and fear. Excited and full of hope I drive to Pennsylvania with my best pal – my dog and a friend, where said trailer is located. It is a beauty, just two years old and so so clean. Sitting outdoors on the owners property, I can tell it’s pristine minus the weeds popping about for a ray of sun light. It was used once to trailer solar panels and has sat in this location never to be used again. My heart soars as I approach it and see its beauty. I notice it is a dove tail (not ideal) and it has side railings that need to be welded off (still thinking ok still not a big deal). I check for rust spots and except for a few visible ones, the thing is rocking! It is a dual axle and so I’m thinking – cool, GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight) 7,000 times two 14,000 – way cool.

After ooohing and ahhhing for a bit and practically kissing my new found trailer, I call the owner to tell him I’m in! Not only does he offer a fair price, he offers to hold it for me until I find a secure place to store and offers to deliver it to me as he lives in New York and goes back and forth every weekend. Hello?? Who’s better than me? Whoop Whoop -Uh no one.  All cool right? Not — when we meet he tells me that though it is dual axle, the GVW is a total of 7,000 😦 huge bummer.

A real beauty

A real beauty

image image

My best buddy approves

My best buddy approves

The reality is a Dove Tail trailer (a ramp that allows you to drive things up onto trailer) is not ideal; that is not to say it is not workable, as there are alterations that can be made. The metal sides must also come down but also not impossible. The weight though, is gravely important and to build a tiny house on wheels of about 20 feet, you must have a minimum of 10,000 lbs. I have found a trailer link that has helped me learn more about what I need and what is important when searching for a trailer. I also don’t want to cheap out on the most important part of my tiny home – its foundation –the thing that holds my precious home.

I am not giving up on finding my trailer nor am I giving up on Craigslist, but I have put feelers out there to friends who live in rural areas to be on the look out and I am going to go check out a local utility trailer shop and see what they are about, if they have what I need, and if they would be willing to work with me in some small way as like many, I can’t afford a new one right now. I am throwing it out to the universe and seeing what it sends back to me.


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